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Getting Started on Libra Core on MacOs

This simple, step by step guide will show you how to get started using Libra Core today.

Libra Core is the open-source prototype designed to validate the design of the Libra protocol. It allows developers early access to explore Libra Blockchain and learn the Move language.

Clone the Libra Core Repository from Github

1. Click here to go to Github


2. Click “Clone or Download”

Libra Download Github Image.png

3. Download the Zip file

Libra Download Zip Github Image.png

Open the Libra-Master Folder

1. Open the zip file from your downloads.

2. Save the Libra-Master folder on your computer

Note: I’ve saved it to my desktop for this example.

Installing and Setting Up Libra Core

1. Open the terminal, and cd into the location of the Libra-Master folder on your computer.

Note: This example shows the Libra-Master folder saved on a desktop.

2. cd into your Libra-Master folder.

3. Run ./scripts/

4. When prompted, enter "y" to install.

Running Libra in Console.png

Note: You should get this message once the instillation is complete.

Finished Installing all Dependencies .pn

Build Libra CLI Client and Connect to the Testnet

1. Run ./scripts/cli/

2. Wait for the build to complete, then ensure you're connected. You should see the following output:

Completed Build and Testnet Connection.p

You're Ready to Start Programming in Libra Core!

Learn move is currently testing and putting together our own documentation for learning Move in Libra Core. Please subscribe to be the first to access our free guides!

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